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Leanne K. Verified Buyer  (5 Stars)     Dec 2017

    Great Gift

Bought this for my boss. He is in love with how it glides. He was very impressed with how unique the materials were. Perfect design for outdoorsman.


Rick C. Verified Buyer (5 Stars)     Dec 2017

   Bought this for my son,

 he really likes it very much.


Leanne Verified Buyer  (5 Stars)     Dec 2017

   Art meets function

Photos do not do  justice to the craftsmanship of this work of art. Olive wood is the subtle elegance I was looking for and the weight in my hand is perfect. Shipping was quick, too!


Kristen S. Verified Buyer   (5 Stars)  Jan 2018

   Stunning pen!

We had a great experience with Georgia Pen Company. We loved the stylus pen but really wanted the Red Oak wood. Charlie made a pen to our exact wishes and it’s is truly beautiful! We think it made a great graduation present! Thanks again.

Brian C.  Verified Buyer   (5 Stars)        Jan 2018
Such amazing quality! Perfect for family heirlooms.


Heather G.   Verified Buyer  (5 Stars)   Jan 2018
My husband really loved his custom pen. 

Thanks for all your care and attention in getting it just as requested.


Daniel T.   Verified Buyer  (5 Stars)           Jan 2018              

    Great Gift

I bought this pen as  a Christmas present for my wife. It is dainty and beautiful and made a  great gift. GPC was even able to dye it her favorite color.  I was very  pleased with the quality (and the price), and my wife loved the gift!


Susan P.  Verified Buyer  (5 Stars)     Feb 2018

Finest  you will ever find!  My husband loves his!!! 


Daniel T.  Verified Buyer   (4 Stars)   02/06/18
The pen and the craftsmanship behind it were perfect. This was a gift  for my 7 year old son, and it fit his hand perfectly.  The Hulk-like green was just what he was wanting, and it twists without any sticking  or difficulty.

The only negative was that the ink cartridge was clogged (thought I'm not sure that's the right word). Try as I might, I could not get ink to come out until I removed the cartridge and took a lighter to it.

This negative is obviously not due to the pen itself, but it was no less  frustrating giving a pen that (at first) didn't write. The lighter seems  to have done the trick, though, and the pen has been writing fine sense  then.

Overall, I am very pleased.

    Store Owner   02/07/18
    Daniel,  So sorry that this happened with your gift pen. 

     We will get a new Cross style refill ink cartridge to you ASAP.

Jonita D.     Verified  (5 Stars)   Feb 2018


I didn’t know a pen could feel so good!

Great customer service! Great craftsmanship!