About Us

Our Passion


What About Us? 

We Love Pens!

Each day our passion is to 

handcraft custom pens for our customers. 

We make our pens using exotic and domestic woods, as well as different acrylic resins coupled with a wide variety of various metal components.

Why Us?

Turning acrylic on the Lathe

Simply put... Quality!
Each of our pens are made one at a time.
We individually select the materials and components that we cut to dimension, drill, turn, sand and polish before bringing it all together completing your custom pen

Customize Your Order...Let's Talk

Custom Victorian Ballpoint in Birdseye Maple

 Do you see a pen on our site that you like but would like it made in a different type of material you see on another pen? Or perhaps you would like your logo on a pen built just for you? Contact us and tell us what you'd like on your custom pen and let's see if we can make it happen.